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On Demand Courses

1 Year Roadmap

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On-Demand Courses

In less than 1 hour per week you can double your profits this year. Your library of on-demand courses will take the mystery out of growing your business.

1 Year Roadmap

Go step by step for the next 52 weeks with the virtual MBA for Small Business Owners

Ad Template library

Sales scripts, Ad templates, and E-mails campaigns so you can start now.

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Generate Revenue now

 $497  Included Free

From working with thousands of business owners around the world, we understand the importance for business owners to find quick and effective ways to increase both revenue and profits, and do so with NO out-of-pocket expense. 

We’ve streamlined ten different strategies so you can learn them in 3 to 5 minutes, and execute most of them in about the same time frame.

Here's whats included...

Social Media Marketing

 $497  Included Free

Social media is one of the primary avenues of marketing your business today. 
In this section, you’ll find lessons for both beginners and advanced social media marketers. 
Begin with the foundation and then jump into proven strategies and tactics.

Here's whats included...

The 1 year MBA

Go step by step through all the areas needed to double your profits in 1 year.

Each week you will focus on 1 key area of your business.

We will guide you in a systematic way, so that you can implement everything step by step, without being overwhelmed!

Here's whats included...

Each weekly lesson includes

Week 1 - 12: 90 Days To A 7-Figure Foundation

Are you ready to grow your business?
Here are 12 essential lessons that will establish the foundations leading to your future success.
Miss these and your efforts will be misaligned or precarious at best.
Get these right and you’ll be able to build on your strengths and everything you do will have an exponentially positive impact.
  • Week 01
    How We Make The E-Learning Marketing System Work For Your Business
  • Week 02
    Create Your Market Dominating Position – Part 1
  • Week 03
    Create Your Market Dominating Position – Part 2
  • Week 04
    How We Identify Your Perfect Target Market
  • Week 05
    How We Know What Your Prospects Are Thinking Before They Think It
  • Week 06
    How We Make Sure You Select Your Ideal Target Market
  • Week 07
    How We Can Identify Your Low Hanging Fruit
  • Week 08
    How And Why Your Ideal Customers Decide To Buy What You Sell
  • Week 09
    How We Create A Compelling Message Your Market Will Respond To
  • Week 10
    How We Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process – Part 1
  • Week 11
    How We Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process – Part 2
  • Week 12
    How We Create A Competition-Crushing Sales Process – Part 3

Each weekly lesson includes

Week 13 - 28: Create Competition-Crushing Marketing

This Course is going to start you on your journey to learning the insider secrets that will allow you to out-market and out-sell your competition.

This is literally your first step toward helping you create competition-crushing marketing. In this presentation, we’re going to teach you the secrets to persuasive marketing, and how you can use it to influence your prospects to buy what you sell.

The business owner who understands how to create messages, ads and marketing collateral that follows a persuasion format can literally gain the ability to dominate their market.

  • Week 13
    How We Help You Write Persuasive Marketing
  • Week 14
    Our Bulletproof Marketing Equation
  • Week 15
    How We Create Your Elevator Pitch Using Our Four Part Process
  • Week 16
    How We Design Competition-Crushing Ads
  • Week 17
    How We Design Market-Dominating Websites – Part 1
  • Week 18
    How We Design Market-Dominating Websites – Part 2
  • Week 19
    How We Design Market-Dominating Websites – Part 3
  • Week 20
    How We Design Market-Dominating Websites – Part 4
  • Week 21
    How We Generate Leads Online – Part 1
  • Week 22
    How We Generate Leads Online – Part 2
  • Week 23
    How We Calculate What Your Customers Are Worth To You
  • Week 24
    How We Create A Revenue Plan – Your Roadmap to Wealth
  • Week 25
    Creating Your Companies SWOT Analysis
  • Week 26
    Your Go-Forward Marketing Plan & Schedule
  • Week 27
    How We Create An Online Presence
  • Week 28
    Generating Leads Using Our Compelling Emails & Sales Letters

Each weekly lesson includes

Week 29 - 33: Your Financial Secret Weapons

In this 5-part video series, you can take the normally mundane financial aspects of a business and learn how to use them to your advantage.

These are intensely practical lessons designed by street-savvy entrepreneurs, not purely theoretical like you’ll find in the stale halls of academia.

You’ll grasp the concepts quickly and be able to implement them immediately.

  • Week 29
    How To Find, Contact and Persuade Strategic Endorsement Partners – Part 1
  • Week 30
    How To Find, Contact and Persuade Strategic Endorsement Partners – Part 2
  • Week 31
    How To Find, Contact and Persuade Strategic Endorsement Partners – Part 3
  • Week 32
    How We Generate Massive Online Leads Through Referrals – Part 1
  • Week 33
    How We Generate Massive Online Leads Through Referrals – Part 2

Each weekly lesson includes

Week 34 - 52: Profit Growth Strategies

This 19-part video series is 100% focused on generating more profits, putting money in your bank account, and doing so TODAY.

Master just one strategy and you’ll grow. Master them ALL and you’ll be unstoppable.

  • Week 34
    How We Use Email Marketing To Generate All the Leads We Can Handle
  • Week 35
    How We Build A Massive Email List
  • Week 36
    How We Generate Online Leads Using Webinars and Teleseminars – Part 1
  • Week 37
    How We Generate Online Leads Using Webinars and Teleseminars – Part 2
  • Week 38
    How We Use Compelling Incentives To Lure Prospects Away From Our Competitors
  • Week 39
    How We Create So Much Added Value In Our Business That We Can Charge Twice As Much As Our Competitors And Still Out-Market And Out-Sell Them
  • Week 40
    How We Raise Our Prices WITHOUT Losing A Single Customer
  • Week 41
    Networking Strategy – Part 1 – Elevator Pitch
  • Week 42
    Networking Strategy – Part 2 – Business Card
  • Week 43
    Networking Strategy – Part 3 – Landing Page
  • Week 44
    Networking Strategy – Part 4 – Sales Letter
  • Week 45
    Networking Strategy – Part 5 – Compelling Offers – Part 1
  • Week 46
    Networking Strategy – Part 6 – Compelling Offers – Part 2
  • Week 47
    Networking Strategy – Part 7 – Compelling Offers – Part 3
  • Week 48
    How To Stop Discounting Madness By Offering Additional Value Through Bundling
  • Week 49
    Create A Drip Campaign That Will Skyrocket Your Revenue And Profits
  • Week 50
    How To Reactivate Stale Clients
  • Week 51
    How To Increase Transactions And Customer Revenue – Part 1
  • Week 52
    How To Increase Transactions And Customer Revenue – Part 2
Business-Building Strategies (That Work)

Business Building Strategies

 $3,997  Included Free

These 5 areas are the basis for growing any business:

    1. More Leads
    2. More Conversions
    3. More Transactions
    4. Higher Prices
    5. More Profits

Choose the one you need and dive into to start.

A 10 minute Assessment form is included to help identify where to start.

Each of the 5 areas has 4 parts:

    1. Fundamentals
    2. Strategies
    3. Tactics
    4. Resource Library (With scripts and Ads already made!)

Here's whats included...

Example of what you get in MORE LEADS…

Bonus #1 - More Leads

Leads are the fuel of any business—the first point in the sales process. 

With an effective lead-generation process, you will dramatically increase your probability of success. 

But here’s the key to lead generation success – you MUST enter the conversation taking place in the head of your prospect. 

In these lessons, you’ll discover how to generate all the leads you can handle.

Sample content: Strategies To Generate Leads

Here's whats included...

Bonus: Sales Mastery

 $997  Included Free

This 15 part sales course will give you the real world tools you need to be effective at sales.

Sales, like all things in business, requires a strategy. 

Even if leads are coming to you, you need to still manage each new client and sale in an organised and effective way.

The Small Business Owner's Marketing Academy Is made for business just like these




Awnings & Deck Coverings

Background Checks


Bathroom Contractor


Bonding Company


Carpet Cleaner



Child Care

Chimney Cleaner


Computer Hardware



Cosmetic Surgery

Credit Services




Employment Screening


Fence Contractor

Financial Planner


Fitness Equipment




Foreclosure Prevention

Foundation Contractor



Gourmet Food Delivery

Graphic Design

Gutter Prevention Contractor

Hair Salon




Hearing Aids

Home-Based Business

Home Builder

Home Design

Home Inspector

Home Organizer

Home Remodeler



Identity Theft

Industrial Contractor


Internet Access


IT Service

IT Training


Kitchen Remodeler


Lasik Surgery







Marriage Counseling


Mortgage Broker

Moving Company


Network Marketing

Office Furniture


Personal Development

Personal Trainer

Pest Control

Physical Therapist


Piano Sales


Printing Company



Real Estate


Rental Equipment


Restoration Contractor


Roofing Contractor

Self Defense

Senior Care


Service Repair


Shops and Retail Stores

Shoe Sales

Siding Contractor

Snow Removal


Spa Services

Sports Equipment

Steel Framing Supply


Sunroom Contractor


Swimming Pool Sales

Tanning Center



Tire Sales


Training and Consulting




Urgent Care

Vacuum Cleaner


Video Games

Water Pure

Water Sports

Web Developer

Weight Loss

Window Cleaner

Window Contractor

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  • Bonus: Business Building Strategies - $3997 Value

    5 Categories, 4 Sections, 100's of training videos. More Leads, More Conversions, More Transactions, Higher Prices, More Profits

  • Bonus: Sales Mastery - $997 Value

    15-part Training Series

  • Bonus: Sales Scripts and Ad template Library - $2997 Value

    Ad templates and scripts for 150 different industries and uses

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